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In2Group is a LeanAgileDigital company devoted to People. We transform companies from the most important asset they have: Talent; enabling its growth and unlocking its entire potential with Lean and Agile, and with the power of Digital, to maximize success and value creation.

After leading projects to adopt Basic Agility in software development, to adopt Agile at scale with SAFe® or with tribal models based on Spotify®, and several Digital Transformation projects in some companies #1 in their markets all around the globe, we want to help companies both large and small with our experience, to accompany their projects at the optimal scale in which it brings them value and utility.


Years helping companies to transform into Agile & Digital


Companies optimized their performance and ways of working


Transformed people via training, coaching and on-the-job support


Big enterprises initiated their transformation with our team

We are Lean. We are Agile. We are Digital.

We help our customers to implement our philosophy: «The best way to guess the future is, to create it».

Our history


Our aim is to develop and enhance your full potential, both in terms of benefits and talent, rethinking your organization to integrate technology into all areas of the business, and modernizing your processes, to dynamically sense and respond to everchanging market conditions and helping you provide awesome customer experiences and outperform your competitors.

We apply a comprehensive approach, considering all dimensions: talent, processes and technology, to roadmap the transformation plan, and be able to execute it. Taking into account your Culture, Leadership, Organizational fitness and your current Assets, to customize the perfect solution.

Our success receipe: Perfect combination of hard-skills and soft-skills. Technology and methodology hand by hand. At every level of your company. All the energies focused on linking Strategy and Development.

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Our team is proud of starting the transformations of:

#1 Spanish digital bank of Grupo Santander,

#1 Bank of Perú (Banco de Crédito de Perú),

#1 Telco in Chile (Entel) and

#1 B2B french insurance (Cardif, part of BNP Paribas)

We help you define your Digital Transformation Strategy, Vision, priorities and focus on durable results and change.

Deliver excellence to enable innovation requires organizational fitness, new lidership and ways of working with lean agile finance to invest right on your strategic value streams.

Our aim is to develop all the capabilities in your company to help you own them and keep on transforming by yourself.

Reshaping and creating the required parts and teams you need, upskilling your talent and transfering the knowledge you need in the lean agile digital context.


Transformation Strategy

We can make your Company link strategy and execution by developing all the components and capabilities to perform as an adaptive System.

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Portfolio of Products & Services

We help you benefit from Lean Portfolio Management framework, migrating to (or at least adding) value streams and lean-agile finance to any portfolio, even project-based ones.

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Achieved execellence in development, We can enable your Digital Innovation Lab structure and ways of working, to make you disrupt markets.

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Training and Coaching

From fully customized stand-alone courses to comprehensive training plans, We help your leaders to develop the talent they require, both hard and soft skills, for your company.

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We are always looking for change agents at all levels, from teams to C-Level, to help us and our clients find innovative solutions to shape the future.

If you want to be part of our great team, first answer the question “why” you want to help people to better fit in the new world mindset and way-of-working standards.

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