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| 2022

Creation of Business Unit In2Transform to concentrate services and capacities to adopt and transform into Lean-Agile-Digital.

| 2015

First Agile Transformation project fot Openbank, digital bank of Grupo Santnader.

| 2013

In2Training founders are awarded "Best Young Entrepreneur 2013".

| 2012

Creation of Business Unit In2Design to execute Web and Mobile projects.

| 2008

In2Training S.L. is constituted. We evolve from Association to Enterprise.

We adopted Lean-Agile as main operating model.

| 2005

Service internationalization begins: England, Portugal, India, Brazil and USA.

| 2004

Global service agreement with Matchmind S.L. to execute their training projects, mainly developed for Grupo Santander and Isban.

| 2003

Creation of Spainsh Engineers Association for Training in Technology.

In2Training was founded in 2008 to offer global solutions to train people and teams wide across the different roles of IT, from developers to project leaders, development and consulting, with a strong background of specialization in technological hard-skills, focused on the J2EE environment.

But more often than expected, the results of our clients were not the forecasted, due to their ways of working and the ways they manage their project. These facts aroused our interest in improving work methodologies. Lean and Agile were our best allies to implement improvements.

Our fully customized holistic sollutions and our unique support-on-the-job model made the difference with our competitors, and it was so appreciated by our customers, that they moved us to create In2Design in 2012. The new operational support Business Unit, was born with the aim of helping in products, services and processes definition, roadmapping the solutions, execution and supporting to achieve the goals. More than a consulting service, hand-to-hand collaboration to achieve success together.

In 2013 we were awarded "Best Young Entrepreneur" by Asociación de Jovenes Empresarios, in recognition of our business history, excellence model and our corporate responsibility policy.

In 2015 we got the first opportunity to help a large company adopt agility as its natural way of working, within the boundaries of IT. It was the great leap that has allowed us, until today, to help top companies start their IT transformations or transform their complete business: Biz + Tech + Talent + Finance.

In 2022, after helping some #1 companies in their markets all around the globe to transform their businesses, we are proud to announce the birth of In2Transform, the business unit to execute Lean and Agile adoptions and Digital Transformation projects. We want to use our experience implementing Basic Agility in development, adopting SAFe® at different scales or tribal models based on Spotify®, to be able to help companies both large and small, at the optimal scale in which it brings them value and utility.

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